Volunteer Your Time
Buddy Poppy Time - Memorial Day
Contact John Wright if you have any questions
Below is the volunteer schedule for distribution of Buddy Poppies
We attempt to get 4 volunteers for each location.
Name, Phone & Email must be filled in
NOTE: If your have already signed up and want to change then resubmit the form with the locations and times you want. Your new selections will replace what is currently on file.

ONLY 1 name. Couples please fill out seperate forms


StoreDate       SelectTimeSigned Up Already
Brookshire Brothers
Franz Road
Friday May 24th, 2019 1-5Andy Anderson, Sherry Anderson
 Saturday May 25th, 2019 9-1
 Saturday May 25th, 2019 1-5
 Sunday May 26th, 2019 1-5
Kroger # 733
1550 West Grand Parkway South (Bayhill Blvd)
Friday May 24th, 2019 1-5Jack Moore
 Saturday May 25th, 2019 9-1Betty Edmundson, Sandra West, Jack Moore
 Saturday May 25th, 2019 1-5Betty Edmundson, Sandra West
 Sunday May 26th, 2019 1-5
Kroger #122
2700 West Grand Parkway (Hwy 99) North
Friday May 24th, 2019 1-5Joe Phillips, Michael Franke
 Saturday May 25th, 2019 9-1Brenda Szatkowski, Joe Szatkowski, Henry Thomas, Miguel Carrizales
 Saturday May 25th, 2019 1-5Joe Reynolds, Michael Franke
 Sunday May 26th, 2019 1-5Joe Reynolds
Kroger #146
1712 Spring Green Blvd @ FM 1463
Friday May 24th, 2019 1-5Bob Berry, Pat Berry
 Saturday May 25th, 2019 9-1Rene Cano, Sea Cadet 1, Sea Cadet 2, Sea Cadet 3, Sea Cadet 4, Mike Mastrangelo
 Saturday May 25th, 2019 1-5Andy Anderson, Sherry Anderson, Rita Bailey
 Sunday May 26th, 2019 1-5Don Byrne, Pat Byrne
Kroger #336
22150 Westheimer Parkway (South Mason Rd)
Friday May 24th, 2019 1-5Mike Warren, Stephen Jaffe
 Saturday May 25th, 2019 9-1Mike Warren, Peyton Lumpkin, Jeanenne Lumpkin
 Saturday May 25th, 2019 1-5Stephen Jaffe
 Sunday May 26th, 2019 1-5
Kroger #38
25050 FM 1093 (Cinco) @ Spring Green Blvd
Friday May 24th, 2019 1-5
 Saturday May 25th, 2019 9-1Pat Adams, Carol Adams
 Saturday May 25th, 2019 1-5Jim Babin, JoAnne Hays, Bob Lee
 Sunday May 26th, 2019 1-5
Hwy 90 Old Katy
Friday May 24th, 2019 9-1Joe Szatkowski, Betty Edmunson, Sandra
 Sunday May 26th, 2019 9-1Sandra